Goldie presents... TIMELESS

Goldie presents... TIMELESS

Witness the drum and bass icon's seminal album performed live by full orchestra, duelling drummers, and choir.

Named by The Guardian as one of the fifty most significant events in the history of dance music, Timeless is a truly landmark album. Globally released in 1995, 'Timeless' was the first drum and bass album to enter the UK top ten, and the seminal track 'Inner City Life' continues to attract and inspire listeners all over the world.

20 years on, and still as fresh, this new orchestral production of Goldie's 'Timeless' is an exciting step forward in the history of this ground-breaking album.  Expanded with a string section, brass, winds, and a small choir, the orchestra sits behind a nucleus of drummers and synths with the man himself onstage. This concert is an impressive recreation that in many ways transcends the original, with the sounds and beats prepared with unnerving precision, played totally live, and delivered with furious energy.  A rare production that is both nostalgic and futuristic at the same time.



Performance length: 1hour 20minutes (no interval)

Minimum stage size 12m wide x 10m deep

Suitable for standing and seated venues, inside or outside

14 people in travelling party (8 core band, Goldie, and conductor, plus 5 crew/management)

29 piece orchestra (minimum) sourced locally (if not provided by us)

8 piece choir sourced locally (if not provided by us)



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Tour Schedule

  • August 6th 2016

    UK Wilderness Festival
  • July 25th 2015

    UK Bristol, Lloyds Amphitheatre (audience 5000)
  • July 22nd 2015

    UK London, Royal Festival Hall (audience 2500)
  • July 23rd 2015

    UK London, Royal Festival Hall (audience 2500)
  • June 21st 2014

    UK London, Royal Festival Hall, Meltdown Festival (audience 2500)

the ranks of strings, horns and singers floated their way through the album's spaced-out atmospherics while a massive percussion section and two sweat-soaked drummers recreated Goldie's impossibly-complex unstinting breakbeats

- Londonist astonishing symphony of whizzing breakbeats, fluid soundscapes and mind-warping moodswings...

- NME, 'Albums of the Year', 1995