Music from Blade Runner

Music from Blade Runner


This concert version of the Blade Runner soundtrack is an orchestral tribute to the sci-fi noir classic originally composed and recorded by Vangelis. It was originally commissioned by the Southbank Centre as a one-off event for Massive Attack's Meltdown Festival in 2008 at the Royal Festival Hall.  More recently it has been developed with additional orchestrations and new visuals by Matt Watkins for the Vivid LIVE Festival at the Sydney Opera House.  

It is the first time a live rendition of Vangelis' classic soundtrack as a live orchestral concert has been produced and the Heritage Orchestra's version has been hailed a triumph by the UK and Australian press. 

The global appeal of Vangelis' evocative and haunting score, combined with the cult following of Ridley Scott's film, and the unique musical approach of the Heritage Orchestra makes this a unique event for concert halls and large venues with a capacity of 1500+

The sound is created with a minimum 30-piece orchestra that combines strings, synthesizers, sound effects, percussion, singers and instrumental soloists.  Everything has been been painstakingly recreated with the intention for everything to be played live and with no backing tracks.

The performance does not involve a screening of the film, but features lighting and visual projections evocative of the film. Once combined with the live musicians, the effect is to immerse the audience in a sonic and visual experience that transports them into the dark and atmospheric world of Blade Runner.

It is an unofficial tribute to the original soundtrack and does not feature Vangelis in any way.

Tour Schedule

  • June 17th 2008

    United Kingdom Royal Festival Hall - London
  • May 26th 2013

    Australia Sydney Opera House - Sydney

 five-star on-stage heroics

- Rick Pearson - Evening Standard

…where the orchestra succeed brilliantly is in embracing the more esoteric elements of the work without compromising its rich, haunting atmosphere.  Their great achievement is to put flesh on the bones of a score so otherworldly

- Ally Carnwath / The Observer

The smoky, futuristic world of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner was brought viscerally to life… a stunning display of musical performance by the orchestra.  Blade Runner has been done on stage before, but I don’t think any of those interpretations would stand up to what took place last night; it was simply extraordinary - Vangelis would have been proud

- Michael Beek / Music from the Movies