Ibiza Classics

The most downloaded and arguably most watched BBC Prom of 2015. Sparking wide media interest, this concert was at first a controversial addition to the otherwise conservative proms season, but subsequently became one of the most viewed and enjoyed shows of the 2015. It features Pete Tong, a 66 piece orchestra, Jules Buckley conducting, backing singers, guest vocalists, a band, and a fierce lighting display.

Already inspiring copy-cat performances, this enormous show remains the original and best presentation of 20 years of dance music classics with an orchestra.  In true Heritage Orchestra style nothing is played to backing track, vocals are all sung live, sounds, synths, and beats are all recreated and performed live, the integrity of which creates a melding of electronics and orchestra that takes euphoric dance classics, and the audience, into new territory.  A worldwide release on Universal records, entitled 'House Classics', accompanies this show, increasing the global reach of this unique show.

Commisioned by the BBC, curated by BBC Radio One DJ Pete Tong, conducted and arranged by Jules Buckley, produced by Chris Wheeler, and performed by the Heritage Orchestra.

Duration 1hr 20minutes (no interval)

Most suited to standing venues,or mixed seating and standing.

Tour Schedule

  • November 30th 2016

    UK Birmingham Arena
  • December 2nd 2016

    UK Manchester Arena
  • December 1st 2016

    UK London O2 Arena (SOLD OUT)
  • August 29th 2015

    UK Royal Albert Hall - BBC Proms 2015

it all goes right for Pete Tong (full article here)

- Evening Standard