Unkle - Variation on a Theme


James Lavelle knows a lot about grand undertakings, having created and continually developed one of the worlds most prolific music production outfits, not to mention other artistic outpourings, and the legendary record label Mo'Wax.  UNKLE have five studio albums under their belt and a list of big-name collaborators including DJ Shadow, Thom Yorke, Josh Homme, and more recently Mark Lanegan, Nick cave and Lupe Fiasco - to name but a few.

Always prepared to step sideways, UNKLE have now veered into the orchestral domain with CWP, by merging synths with strings, beats with brass, and transferring samples to percussion.  By ripping apart and rejoining the electronic and orchestral worlds, this production named 'Variation on a Theme' promises to be a spectacular show filled with UNKLE classics of the past and present, with guest singers, electronic tinkering and orchestral grandeur.