• Goldie presents... TIMELESS

    Goldie presents... TIMELESS

    Witness the drum and bass icon's seminal album performed live by full orchestra, duelling drummers, and choir. Named by The Guardian as one of the fifty most significant events in the history of ... Read more

  • The Music of Moroder

    The Music of Moroder

    An orchestral celebration of the Godfather of Disco with guest vocalists Anna Calvi, Shingai Shoniwa and Liela Moss, plus Giorgio onstage reciting his part from Daft Punk's 'Giorgio By ... Read more

  • Ibiza Classics

    Ibiza Classics

    The most downloaded and arguably most watched BBC Prom of 2015. Sparking wide media interest, this concert was at first a controversial addition to the otherwise conservative proms season, but ... Read more

  • Live_Transmission - Joy Division Reworked

    Live_Transmission - Joy Division Reworked

    The orchestra join forces with celebrated sound artist Scanner and video artist Matt Watkins for an immersive multi-sensory event inspired by one of the UK’s most influential bands, Joy ... Read more

  • Anna Calvi

    Anna Calvi

    Famed for her operatic song, virtuoso guitar playing and theatrical stage presence, in this concert Calvi’s distinctive songs sound quite different. New orchestral versions of tracks from ... Read more

  • Music from Blade Runner

    Music from Blade Runner

    CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE This concert version of the Blade Runner soundtrack is an orchestral tribute to the sci-fi noir classic originally composed and recorded by Vangelis. It was originally ... Read more

  • Unkle - Variation on a Theme

    Unkle - Variation on a Theme

    CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE James Lavelle knows a lot about grand undertakings, having created and continually developed one of the worlds most prolific music production outfits, not to mention other ... Read more